Sole Proprietor

A sole proprietorship also known as a sole trader/sole owner is a type of business entity that is owned and run by one individual and where there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business. All profits and all losses accrue to the sole owner (proprietor/trader). All assets of the business are owned by the owner (proprietor / Sole trader) and all debts of the business are his/her debts and he/she must pay them from their personal resources. This means that the owner has unlimited liability.

Private Limited Company (Single Member Company)

A private limited company Single-member company A public limited company A company limited by shares A company limited by guarante

Association of Persons (AOP):

Register a Partnership Firm in Pakistan An AOP (also referred to as a Partnership) is a firm managed by all partners according to the agreement or partnership deed signed by the partners at the time of registration. It is not a separate legal entity and partners have unlimited liability which means that all partners can be held liable in case of a default on debt or any other liability or any other form of misconduct even on behalf of one partner

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