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Islamabad Tax Services and Consultant is a Pakistan based management consulting firm providing Tax, Accounts, Corporate and Technical Business Solutions through highly experienced and efficient Certified Accountants, Lawyers & Business Management Consultants while performing all the functions of traditional Law Firm in Pakistan.








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Our services

Tax consultancies

✔ NTN Registration

✔ Income Tax Return Filing

✔ Sales Tax Registration (GST/STRN)

✔ Business Deletion

Business Management Consultancy:

✔ Organizational Analysis

✔ Management Analysis

✔ Corporate Development Planning ✔Business Methods Analysis

✔ Re-Organizing/ Re-Structuring

✔ Propose improvements to methods, systems and procedures

Import Export Business Registration(WEBOC)

✔ Punjab Revenue Authority(PRA)

✔ Sindh Revenue Board(SRB)

SECP Company Formation

✔ Single Member Company (SMC)

✔ Limited liability partnership

✔ Public Limited Company

✔ SECP filing / annual accounts

✔ NGO/Trust/Association

✔ Company Closure


✔ NGO/Trust/Association

✔ NGO from Interior Ministry

✔ NOC From Government

✔ NOC From Economics

✔ Trademark Registration

✔ Copyright Registration

Accounting/ Auditing Services

✔ Project Financial

✔ Statement

✔ Audited Accounts

✔ Book keeping

✔ Internal Audit

Digital Marketing / Web Desinging

✔ SEO(Search Engine Optimzation)

✔ Printing / Designing

✔ Social Media Marketing

✔ SMS Marketing

✔ Web Development